The Edition

Since the year 2000 the FemArcEdition has released the series Frauen – Forschung – Archäologie (FFA) [Women – Research – Archaeology]. First, the network’s own publications were issued (FFA 1 – 3). From Volume 4 on also documentations of conferences outside the network have been published, especially conference proceedings of the AG Geschlechterforschung [Workshop Gender Studies].

The series’ concept includes approaches of Feminist Archaeology and of Women and Gender Studies inside the archaeological subjects.

The FemArcEdition is interested in publishing new studies regarding Feminist Archaeology and archaeological Women and Gender Studies. Interested authors can contact every editor or write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Editors

The FemArcEdition consists of ten editors whose tasks are supervising the network’s publications and looking for new exciting topics.

The editors are: Jana Esther Fries, Michaela Helmbrecht, Melanie Janßen-Kim, Julia K. Koch, Kerstin Kowarik, Jutta Leskovar, Susanne Moraw, Ulrike Rambuscheck, Grietje Suhr and Katja Winger.