Congrès Préhistorique de France, Toulouse, 31 mai-4 juin 2021

Hiatus, Gaps and Absences: Identifying and Interpreting Archaeological Voids


Dear colleagues,

The 29th Prehistoric Congress of France will take place in Toulouse from May 31 to June 4, 2021, with the general thematic: hiatus, Gaps and Absences. In this context, we thought relevant to organize a session entitled:

"Where are women ? Gender archeology in Prehistory and Protohistory: France on the sidelines of gender studies? (Session E1)"

It will take place in the E thematic: Structure de sociétés.

Through the prism of women, the challenge is to carry out an inventory of gender studies in Prehistory and Protohistory in France and abroad, and to highlight the archaeological results and limits about gender relations perception from the Palaeolithic to the first Iron Age.

Communications can be proposed along two main axes, not exclusive. A methodological axis will aim to explore the ways in which gender is approached and theorized in archeology in pioneer countries, (United States, Northern Europe, Great Britain, Spain, etc.) but also in France. Another axis will focus on results already acquired or in progress.


In attached are details of our argumentation.

   Où sont les femmes def bilingue


Hoping to see you in Toulouse, we send you our best regards.

The organizers:

Anne Augereau (Inrap, UMR PréTech),

Sophie Archambault de Beaune (University of Lyon 3, UMR ArScAn),

Caroline Trémeaud (Cellule archéologique des Ardennes, UMR Trajectoires).


Registration and paper proposal:


Detail of the session: